5 Ways Holding Onto Vacant Land Is Costing You In North Carolina

Vacant land can be a truly rewarding investment. Holding on to vacant land can also cost you; maybe right away, maybe in the long run. There are annual taxes and potentially property owner’s association fees to consider, not as many tax benefits, cash flow, and property maintenance issues, and market conditions to consider. Call JB … Continued

Why Rent When You Can Own in North Carolina NC?

Why rent when you can own in North Carolina NC? Great question! If you’re looking for North Carolina houses for rent you may want to consider your other options as a potential homeowner in the North Carolina area. Most locals who are looking for homes to rent in North Carolina are likely looking at renting … Continued

Renting An Apartment vs Renting A House in North Carolina

So, you’re looking for a place to rent in North Carolina? As you’ve already seen… there are a lot of options in the North Carolina area for housing. All the way from apartments in North Carolina to rental houses in North Carolina… condos… mobile homes, and more. But if you’re struggling to decide if you … Continued

How To Stop Foreclosure of Your House In North Carolina

If the bank is threatening to take your property after all you have put into it, we can help you stop the foreclosure of your house in North Carolina! Keep reading to learn about what you can do to fight back! Dealing with the threat of foreclosure can be extremely overwhelming. The thought of losing … Continued